What are the common mistakes in the selection of an OEM manufacturer for cosmetics?

OEM companies would help the business of small and large scales with quality products of all niches. For instance, a medical business could get medical products in lots from the company, while a cosmetics company buys skincare products at the same time. Likewise, a oem cosmetics factory (kilang oem kosmetik) would help in the production of a range of products. If you are about to start a cosmetics brand, their help would be mandatory. You could not produce all the products yourself as it would increase the overall cost and effort. Also, you would have to spend a lot of time studying the field to prepare the right formulation that would not affect the users of the product and would give benefits. An OEM could help you easily with this. However, some businesses do not know the right way of selecting the OEM manufacturer matching their business. They would commit several mistakes and will end up with a wrong one collapsing the business cooperation. Let us look at the mistakes committed during the selection of an OEM manufacturer.
Unspecialized selection – Some businesses would end up with an OEM company that does not produce even a single lot of the same product type. If it is completely new to the company, you could not expect the best from them.
Ignoring third-party QC – Although your OEM manufacturer will do all the quality checking processes, there would be some issues in the quality at times. So, you should choose an OEM company that allows you to seek help from a third-party QC company. Some businesses would miss this.
Uncertified OEM – You should not go with an uncertified OEM for your cosmetics production.
Higher MOQ – Higher MOQs will ask you to buy products in large quantities that could go to waste.